Les poésies d’André Walter


A very fine copy bound by Lévêque.
Autograph card signed and enclosed.





Written at the age of twenty-one, these poems, a continuation of the Notebookswere intended to persuade his cousin Madeleine Rondeaux to marry him. Although Madeleine did not marry André Gide until many years later, these first two volumes, published without an author's name, won her recognition from Barres and Maeterlink and opened the doors of Symbolist circles to her.

A signed autograph card is enclosed, sent to Belgium, the recipient's name has been erased:

"22 February 1900
The letter you mentioned will probably have gone astray: since the one you wrote me about my article on Villiers de L. A., for which I thank you, I have received nothing from you. I informed Ghéon, but he hasn't received anything either. 
Yours sincerely André Gide".

A very fine copy bound by Lévêque in full morocco, with mosaic and gilt framed back covers and elegant silk endpapers.

Paris,Independent art bookstore,1892.In-8, Bound,40 pp.

Bound in the first half of the 20th century by Lévêque. Full brown morocco, ribbed spine, gilt and mosaic framed flyleaves, silk endpapers, gilt title, gilt head, edged slipcase.


André Gide

(born in Paris 6th on 22 November 1869 and died in Paris 7th on 19 February 1951)


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