Lettre autographe signée à Victor Hugo

1857240 x 192 mm

About the musical setting
of the Old song from the old days
Initialled by V. Hugo


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AUTOGRAPHIC LETTER SIGNED by Nantes composer Edouard Garnier to Victor Hugo on the subject of remuneration for the setting to music of the "Old song from the old days"first published in 1856 in Les Contemplations.

AUTOGRAPHIC INITIAL by Victor Hugo "R" indicating its response.

Paris, 25 Nov 1857
Due to an absence, the letter you did me the honour of writing to me was only sent here from Nantes in the last few days, to my great regret. I am somewhat embarrassed by your reply to my request. I pay for my own musical publications. These sacrifices, which are always very expensive for a young artist, have so far not benefited me at all, and although I have a high degree of love and respect for my art I am still very little known. How, then, can I set this sum of which you speak to be deducted from the problematic profit of a publisher who, apart from my personality, does not exist? Such is my difficulty. You have written to me that this sum, however small, will be well received in your emergency fund. These words encourage me to ask you whether twenty francs will be enough in the circumstances. Please send me your comments on this matter.
Of course, such a miserable sum cannot compare with the extreme pleasure I would have in publishing the music inspired by your fresh poetry; but since you can also grant others the right to publish music on the same subject, I trust that you will be indulgent enough to accept my proposal.
In that case, please tell me to whom I should make this modest offering.
I therefore await your reply, dear illustrious master, and beg you to accept the admiration and deep sympathy of your humble servant.
Edouard Garnier
8 rue héronnière
(Lower Loire)

Music critic and columnist for Loire lighthouse, Professor of harmony at the Conservatoire de Nantes, Edouard Garnier had previously composed melodies based on works by Alfred de Musset, Gustave Nadaud, Hégésippe Moreau and Théophile Gautier, collected under the title of Tears and Smiles.
A letter from Hugo to Edouard Garnier ( Hauteville , 25 October 1857 ) is quoted in Victor Hugo at the Bibliothèque municipale de Nantes - Inventory of works and biographical and critical studies: a tribute to the poet to mark the centenary of his death, 1885-1985. (Nantes Municipal Library, 1985)

Nantes,1857.240 x 192 mm,1 ff. in-8.

Black ink. Good condition.


Edouard Garnier

(Nantes: 10 November 1821 - Nantes: 11 August 1887)

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Victor Hugo

(born on 26 February 1802 in Besançon and died on 22 May 1885 in Paris)

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