Reunion of the two editions 

L’occupation des sols

1987115 x 181 mm; 135 x 184 mm

Reunion of two volumes:
first edition out of trade and first edition in trade with signed autograph dispatch.




Reunion of two volumes:

  • FIRST EDITION hors-commerce published on 11 December 1987 on behalf of the booksellers' association l'Oeil de lettre for Christmas.
  • First trade edition, published in February 1988 by Éditions de minuit, which did not have a large print run. Autograph signed letter from the period to the poet Alain Brissiaud.
Paris,Éditions de Minuit,L'Oeil de lettre,1987, 1988.2 volumesIn-12, Softcover115 x 181 mm; 135 x 184 mm,16 and 21 pp.


Jean Echenoz

(Orange, Vaucluse: December 26, 1947 )

1983 Prix Médicis for Cherokee
1999 Goncourt Prize for I'm leaving.

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