La Paix chez les bêtes

1916125 x 190 mm

One of the copies printed for the author on blue laid paper.


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FIRST EDITION illustrated with a frontispiece by Steinlen.
ONE OF THE COPIES PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR ON COLOURED PAPER(blue laid paper), numbered in Roman numerals - edition not specified.

In addition to having covers that were also printed on coloured paper, this edition has a double address (Paris, 116 Boulevard Saint-Germain & Zurich, 7 Rämistrasse) and an in-fine printer's number (4145) that is different from the Paris edition (4080). These characteristics seem to support the hypothesis that the author's copies were printed slightly later.

"At a time when man is tearing man apart, it seems that a singular pity inclines him towards beasts, to reopen for them the terrestrial paradise that civilisation had closed. The innocent beast alone has the right to ignore war. […] I've gathered animals in this book as if in a pen where I want there to be no war"


Paris,Cres & Co,1916.In-12, Bound,125 x 190 mm,I-VII, 242 pp.

Modern Bradel binding. Green half-percaline, marbled paper, smooth spine, gilt title, cover and spine preserved.


Gabrielle-Sidonie Colette

Born on 28 January 1873 in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye (Yonne) - died on 3 August 1954 in Paris. Mime, actress and journalist, a French woman of letters known above all as a novelist, Colette was after Judith Gautier in 1910, the second woman elected member of the Goncourt academy in 1945, of which she became president between 1949 and 1954.

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