Carte postale autographe signée adressée à Juliette de Serres

1928140 x 90 mm




Autograph postcard signed and addressed to Juliette de Serres

On a postcard of the port of St Tropez, sent from La Treille Muscate, rue des Cannebiers :

"Dear Liette, here I am, after a long diversions through Brittany, but the most beautiful Bre- tagne, islands, rocks, miraculous fishing. I'll write to you very soon, I swear! My love to you both. Colette".

Juliette de Serres, wife of the composer Louis de Serres, or Liette to her friends, was the mistress of Willy, Colette's husband, from 1900. Willy would make their story Le Maugis in love (Albin Michel-1905), in which Liette appears as Madame Payet. After Colette's divorce, however, the two women became involved in a dispute with Willy, particularly when Juliette de Serres sued him. Willy had gambled away a large sum of money that Liette wanted to invest. In 1910, he was ordered to pay her 5,000 fr.


La Treille Muscate,1928. Bound,140 x 90 mm,

Black ink, postmarked November 1928.


Gabrielle-Sidonie Colette

Born on 28 January 1873 in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye (Yonne) - died on 3 August 1954 in Paris. Mime, actress and journalist, a French woman of letters known above all as a novelist, Colette was after Judith Gautier in 1910, the second woman elected member of the Goncourt academy in 1945, of which she became president between 1949 and 1954.

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