Edmond de Goncourt's copy

Bonnet Rouge

1887120 x 197 mm

ONE OF THE SOME EXAMPLES ON HOLLAND stuffed with a page from the manuscript
Autograph signed by Edmond de Goncourt




FIRST EDITION without a big paper trail.


Edmond de Goncourt's copy of this signed autograph mailing :

"To Edmond de Goncourt respectful tribute to Jules Case."

Like many of the works in the Goncourt library, it was bound by Pierson in full red percaline and bears this first guard signed autograph note in red ink:

"Original edition. Copy on paper from Holland in which was interleaved an autograph page of the original manuscript given to me by Jules Case. Edmond de Goncourt."

Page 185 from the manuscript (200 x 270 mm) is in fact mounted on the overhang at the head of the structure.

Jules Case (1854-1931), official at the Ministry of Public Education A journalist, novelist and playwright since 1880, his naturalist approach to writing took a social turn with the publication of Bonnet rouge : "Mr. Jules Case extracted from the realist doctrine, the new methods of establishment of an idealistic novel. No novelist has ever set his ideal so high or pursued it with any conscience." (Gustave Kahn, Symbolists and decadents).

Paris,Victor-Havard,1887.In-12, Bound,120 x 197 mm,406 pp.

Period binding signed Pierson. Red percaline à la Bradel, smooth spine, black title piece, gilt title, preserved cover plates, untrimmed.


Jules Case

Jules Richard Case

(Meaning: 24 June 1854; Strasbourg: 15 December 1931)

Edmond de Goncourt

(born in Nancy on 26 May 1822 and died in Champrosay (Essonne) on 16 July 1896 in the house of Alphonse Daudet)