Manuscrit autographe signé : Les Crépuscules d’or 

1908215 x 290 mm


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UNPUBLISHED AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT complete collection of early poems dating from 1908 to 1910. It consists of a two-page verse introduction and fifteen poems: Le Crépuscule d'or, Confession, Stances, Sizain, Serment, Couchant, Fleurs, La Douleur, Le Chêne, Solitude, Clair de Lune, Le Triomphe de l'Amour, La toile d'araignée, Le Mur and Triptychs.
To date, only three collections of verse have been published, including a posthumous collection compiled by his widow, Les Sonnets de la nature. 

Born in Nyons, Alain Bertrand moved to Paris at an early age, publishing two volumes of verse and founding the magazine The Chimeras. An anti-militarist, he joined the troops without batting an eyelid and was even a hero when, during a reconnaissance mission, he killed six Germans he came across by chance. Wounded by shrapnel in Lorraine, he died slowly, but survived long enough to finish his tour of duty. The call of the soilPrix Goncourt 1916. He died on 18 November 1917. 

1910. Sheets,215 x 290 mm,35 pages on Japon paper.

Blue ink.


Adrien Bertrand

(Nyons : 4 August 1888 - Grasse : November 18, 1917)
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