Notice sur Pierre Dupont

1851140 x 205 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION of one of Baudelaire's first publications.
A charming copy complete with cover in a fine Bradel binding.


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FIRST EDITION of this fervent notice, one of Baudelaire's first publications, illustrated with a steel-engraved portrait by Pierre Dupont after a drawing by Gigoux.

Rare copy in fascicle,  twentieth issue of Songs by Pierre Dupont, complete with label20th issue - Portrait and Notice"Glued in the cartouche at the foot of the first cover.

Baudelaire concludes this text with a very personal remark on the destiny of poetry:

"It is a large destiny that the one from the poetry ! Happy or lamentable, she door always at oneself the divine character utopian. She contradicts without ceases the fact, à sentence from do more be. In the dungeon she go to fact revolt ; à the window from the hospital, she is ardent hope from cure ; in the attic torn and unclean, she go to screen as a fairy from luxury and from elegance ; no only she notes but she repairs. Everywhere she go to fact negation from iniquity."

Fine Bradel binding; the cover is preserved.

References: Vicaire, Manual for 19th century book loversIII, 516-528.

Paris,From the publisher,1851.In-8, Bound,140 x 205 mm,8 [1] pp.

Brown half-chagrin à la Bradel. Smooth spine, gilt title. Cover preserved.


Charles Baudelaire

(Paris: 9 April 1821- 31 August 1867)

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