Manuscrit autographe : Crête

a 210 x 270 mm sheet

Rare autograph manuscript.

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AUTOGRAPH WORKING NOTES on Ancient Greece in his research for the book The Theatre and its double:

"6,000 years before our Era to Aeschylus in the Stone Age...
they ignored brick houses and woodwork [...] The elegant, crumpled beauty of Knossos resembles the youth [...] Woman goddess, priestess, huntress, pugilist, bullfighter - Mother Goddess. Minos and his lords [...] 2,500 B.C., they prostrated themselves at the feet of the Mother Goddess, her Virgin and her son, with songs, dances and processional rites."

In the margins of these notes is a text on Bergson:

"With Bergson I feel as if I am reading a man who by his individual, i.e. limited, means, gropes and tries to find the Elements of a knowledge that is the collective, i.e. unlimited, way in certain essential books: Popol Vuh, Sepher and Zohar, Zend Avesta, Veda, Book of the Dead."


a 210 x 270 mm sheet,Two pages.

Blue ink. Titled black half-chagrin shirt.


Antonin Artaud

(born in Marseille on 4 September 1896 and died in Ivry-sur-Seine on 4 March 1948)

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