6 dessins originaux signés

Ink,gouache,1950139 x 183 mm - 255 x 282 mm

gouache, ink and coloured pencil
executed in the 1950s


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SIX ORIGINAL SIGNED DRAWINGS (gouache, ink and coloured pencil) by Françoise Estachy in the 1950s.

A drawing entitled Le Chat Botté (Puss in Boots) and 5 Christmas drawings featuring little girls playing with garlands, Christmas trees, cherubs, cots and little Father Christmases.

Françoise Estachy (1911-1993) initially contributed to Flammarion's newly-created Père Castor collection, before going on to draw for Gallimard and produce a number of fashion illustrations.

Undated [1950].139 x 183 mm - 255 x 282 mm,

Small marginal stains to some drawings.