Maria Callas et Battista Meneghini

Photography,1955241 x 180 mm

In Piazza Esedra, Rome
a few hours before the performance at the Opéra


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Maria Callas and her husband Battista Meneghini in Rome's Piazza Esedra, a few hours before the performance at the Opera House.

Battista Meneghini, an industrialist who owned a brickworks and was an opera buff, met Maria Callas in Verona in the late 1940s and quickly took charge of her career. Their marriage, celebrated on 21 April 1949, lasted ten years, during which her fame grew steadily until she became one of the leading stars of the opera world.

On the back: Stamps, Farabola and Roma's Press photo, caption in Italian.


Undated [1955].241 x 180 mm,

Reframed in blue pencil. A few marginal traces of folds.