Souvenirs de Guillaume Apollinaire

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All bear the stamp of the Apollinaire collection

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COLLECTION OF MEMENTOS CAREFULLY GATHERED BY GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE and preserved in a wooden box, on the back of the lid is glued a large handwritten label from a postal envelope (stamp): Guillaume Apollinaire, Boulevard St Germain 202 Paris.

- Two large fold-out maps of France (paper on canvas) dating from 1889 and 1890, both bearing the inscription stamp from the Apollinaire collection . The towns of Monaco, Aix-les-Bains, Lyon and Paris are highlighted or circled on the 1890 map. Apollinaire probably left his mark on the journey he made with his mother and brother in 1899, when they moved from Monaco to Paris. 

- 3 newspaper clippings with an autograph note by Guillaume Apollinaire on each of them (date and title of newspaper): "Les Echos de Paris 18 June 1910"Last interview with Jean Moréas; " 3 April, i.e. the evening of 2 April"Les Obsèques de Jean Moréas"; "Com. 27 mar 10" Other articles of general interest. Stamp of the Apollinaire collection on the first article.

- 18 colourful illustrated advertising cards - all bearing the Apollinaire collection stamp :

- A carrier elephant to be cut out: La Phosphatine Falières
- Come and taste the real POT au FEU at Guénée, 59 rue de Rome
- Contemporary fashion at Lejeune (two colour variations)
- A matter of honour: Aux Deux Villageois - Workwear
- Bar-Lock with visible writing: Columbia & Royal Typewriters (two copies)
- Biscuits: Suprême Pernot & Lu
- Drink and you'll be safe from epidemics: Mint alcohol from Riqlès
- Life Taylor suits for men and women: a calendar and an exhibition announcement
- an animated card of a beautiful woman taking a bath: for La Salamandre fire heaters
- a Spanish postcard for Thymol=Casal toothpaste, with a solar filter for observing the total eclipse of 30 August 1905.
- a child and anthropomorphic animals and insects for Huntley & Palmers Biscuits (three variations)
- The art of ceramics in Florence
- a ticket for 4 to the Tour saint-Jacques

Three illustrations with the stamp from the Apollinaire collection :

- a postcard drawn in pyrography - cat and dog scene
- A couple in fancy dress from the back - pen and ink drawing
- a pornographic colour print - a natural history lesson.

A moving collection collected by the young Guillaume Apollinaire, which he kept preciously.


various formats,

Wooden box measuring 283 x 217 x 25 mm.


Guillaume Apollinaire

William Albert Vladimir Alexander Apollinaire of Kostrowitzky

(born Polish subject of the Russian Empire, August 26, 1880 in Rome and died in Paris on November 9, 1918).

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