La cauchoise ou mémoires d’une courtisane célèbre

178380 x 115 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION illustrated with 5 very free hors-texte engravings.
A copy with very wide lower margins in an attractive binding.

1 000 



La Cauchoise or Memoirs of a famous courtesan. Roman pour servir de suite à tous les bons ouvrages de la philosophie de la nature, par un auteur critico-satirico-dramaturgique.

This anonymous work, whose location, A Libidinibus: at Sensualitéand the publishing house, to the Delicacy of Temperamentare just as tasty as the  5 very free hors-texte engravings.
The text, reprinted many times under the title La Belle Cauchoise, is selon Jean Coutin, one of the few eighteenth-century erotic novels to include an imaginary library. The list of 49 books that make up the library appears on pages 120 to 124, and is announced by the author as follows: " So as not to leave anything to be desired by readers of his memory, I shall give here the catalogue of this library".

A copy with very wide lower margins, beautifully bound in 19th century pastiche calf binding.

Jean Coutin: Investigating the imaginary of the pornographic novel (1739-1789) libraries
oeuvres anonymes du XVIIIe siècle, I, L'enfer de la BNF 3, p 439.
Gay-Lemonnyer I, 501; Missing from Pia.


to the Delicacy of Temperament,A libidinibus. At Sensuality,10308070 [1783].In-12, Bound,80 x 115 mm,192.

Bound in full brown calf, spine ribbed, gilt decoration and title. Head gilt. Some worm damage in margins.