Two woodblock boards carved for the Adventure of Baron Munchausen

Gravure,186258 x 210 mm and 97 x 135 mm

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Rare unique woodblocks carved created for the illustrated edition by Gustave Doré of the Adventures of Baron Münchausen, pages 73 and 115, Furne edition translated and introduced by Théophile Gautier in 1862.

A virtuoso draftsman, Doré was dependent on the ability of engravers which interpreted his compositions, so he preferred to draw directly on the wooden blocks that he entrusted to them.

" But of all the illustrations yet invented, the general verdict has hitherto declared in favour of those supplied to Théophile Gautier’s French edition of 1862 by Gustave Doré, who fully maintained by them the reputation he had gained for work of a similar genre in his drawings for Balzac’s Contes Drôlatiques. When, however, the public has had an opportunity of appreciating the admirably fantastic drawings made by Mr. William Strang and Me. J.b. Clark for the present edition, they will probably admit that Baron Munchausen’s indebtedness to his illustrations, already very great, has been more than doubled."

(The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Rudolf Erich Raspe, 2015)

1862.58 x 210 mm and 97 x 135 mm,

Two wooden boards carved on one side format: signature in the lower right corner.


Gustave Doré

(né le 6 janvier 1832 à Strasbourg  – mort le 23 janvier 1883 à Paris)

Graveur, peintre, sculpteur, illustrateur et caricaturiste français.

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