Paysage – dessin original à l’encre

Drawing,Ink,228 x 150 mm

Monogrammed on the stamp.


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ORIGINAL INK DRAWINGmonogrammed on the stamp.

228 x 150 mm,

Mounted on a 350 x 280 mm mat. Good condition.


Jacques Germain

(Paris: 13 January 1915 - 17 July 2001)

Pupil at the Académie Moderne, directed by Fernand Léger and Amédée Ozenfant. In 1931, Blaise Cendrars and Fernand Léger advised his parents to send him to the Bauhaus. He arrived in Dessau in October 1931 and stayed for 2 semesters. He was the only Frenchman to study at the Bauhaus. He returned to Paris by bicycle in July 1932.

In October of the same year, he returned to Frankfurt, Germany, where he studied with the Constructivist painter Willi Baumeister.

When the Nazis came to power, he returned to Paris and worked in advertising design. In September 1936, Jacques Germain did his military service. War broke out a few years later, and the artist was taken prisoner and spent three years in captivity.

On his return to France, he devoted himself mainly to painting.

In 1949, he had his first solo exhibition in Paris.

Jacques Germain became one of the leading exponents of lyrical abstraction and took part in numerous international exhibitions.

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