Maria Callas dans Norma de Bellini – Acte I

Photography,1965210 x 295 mm

Maria Callas plays Norma in Bellini's opera
Paris in 1965.


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Maria Callas played the role of Norma in Bellini's opera Paris in 1965.

Callas sings the aria Infranta, , Se Alcun Di Voi Snudarla, act I, scene IV.

Norma is an epic and complex role, often considered the pinnacle of the repertoire for an operatic soprano; Callas sang it 92 times on stage.

On the back: printed Roger Pic label, handwritten reference number.


No date [1965].210 x 295 mm,

Good condition.


Maria Callas

Sophia Cecelia Kaloyeropoulos

(New York: 2 December 1923 - Paris: 16 September 1977)

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Roger Pic

Roger Pinard

(Paris: 15 September 1920 - 3 December 2001)
French reporter, photographer, photojournalist and film-maker.

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