Maria Callas dans Norma de Bellini – 2

Photography,1965210 x 295 mm

Maria Callas plays Norma in Bellini's opera
Paris in 1965.




Maria Callas played the role of Norma in Bellini's opera Paris in 1965.

Norma is an epic and complex role, often considered the pinnacle of the repertoire for an operatic soprano; Callas sang it 92 times on stage.

On the back: printed Roger Pic label, handwritten reference number.


No date [1965].210 x 295 mm,

Good condition.


Maria Callas

Sophia Cecelia Kaloyeropoulos

(New York: 2 December 1923 - Paris: 16 September 1977)

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Roger Pic

Roger Pinard

(Paris: 15 September 1920 - 3 December 2001)
French reporter, photographer, photojournalist and film-maker.

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