20th century: 70 first editions

"People who don't read novels and poems risk being smashed against the wall of facts or crushed under the weight of reality."
Simon Leys, The happiness of small fishes.

The bookstore will soon be able to reopen its doors; in the meantime here is 70 literary novelties, great papers and autographs of 20th century authors including:
- the rare original of the Myth of Sisyphus of Albert Camus
- numerous head prints of Le Clézio, Claude Simon, Marcel Arland, Jean Echenoz and Tanguy Viel
- a set of originals from Drieu La Rochelle including some very nice provenances
-  Newspaper of Ernst Jünger with sending to a general

These latest acquisitions can be consulted directly on our website in the section OUR BOOKS.