VARIA - 100 books and documents

We are delighted to present our latest catalogue, 100 Various books and documents including :

  • A very rare collection by Louis Ackermann, Philosophical poetry with dispatch.
  • Several books from the "floating" library of the battleship Richelieu
  • A beautiful letter from Jacques Chardonne to Madeleine Chapsal
  • A set of first editions and autographs by Colette, including a rare original self-portrait.
  • Several works by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, including a very rare paperback copy of Poetry 1830 on a large piece of paper
  • A superb Japanese binding from Julie Daudet's flat and a rare collection by Yoshitora Utagawa from Edmond de Goncourt's collection.
  • The World I Live in by Helen Keller with dispatch and fine provenance.
  • Ten first editions of Maupassant

Varia Février 2024