Binding of the period in the Cathedral

Les Consolations

1830100 x 147 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION appeared without an author's name.




ORIGINAL EDITION published without author's name.

Second collection of poems, after the Life, poetry and thoughts of Joseph Delorme, The Consolationsdedicated to Victor Hugo, show a Sainte-Beuve joining the religion: through the path of art and poetry, friendship and love [...].
All these poems testify to the feeling that the author already had for Mrs. Hugo, who received him, alone, every afternoon. Subjected to the charm of this face, which he still worships from afar, it seems to the poet that it is necessary to bring this very friendship before God, that it is necessary to simply and innocently love, and to stop, for a moment at least, being this worried dreamer. But religion does not spring so easily from the heart and especially from a heart sick with voluptuousness. The religious texts that are epigraphed in each poem (most often excerpts from St. Augustine and the Imitation), say quite clearly how St. Widow seeks to strengthen religious sentiment in him. The Consolations reflect the compromise between love and religion that Sainte-Beuve's life was then undergoing, a compromise that could not last and that brought her six months of happiness. With the Book of Love and the August Thoughts ...published in 1837, the poet will decline." (Dictionary of works)

BEAUTIFUL COPY WITHOUT FRECKLES, IN A CONTEMPORARY CATHEDRAL BINDING. Luxurious packaging and more than rare for this collection, which is most often soberly bound.

Paris,Levasseur,Urban Canel,1830.In-12, Bound,100 x 147 mm,237 pp.

Bound in contemporary style, full purple calf in cathedral style, smooth spine decorated with fillets and fleurons, cold decoration on covers, cold-framed and gilt fillets all edges gilt.


Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve

(born on 23 December 1804 in Boulogne-sur-Mer and died on 13 October 1869 in Paris)