Three volumes bearing the ex-libris of one of Victor Hugo's first colletioners

Cromwell – Napoléon Petit – Châtiments

183470 x 112, 80 x 120 and 79 x 121 mm

EXAMPLES OF LOUIS CHAHUT wearing the famous Hugolian ex-libris signed by Aglaüs Bouvenne.




COPIES OF LOUIS CHAHUTHe was a Parisian jewellery commissioner and one of the very first bibliophile collectors of Victor Hugo's works. Like Hugo, Chanut had chosen Aglaüs Bouvenne to create and engrave his ex-libris. His name was hidden in the form of a rebus (a cat and the Greek letter nude) leaving the central place to Victor Hugo. Each copy bears this signed Hugolian ex-libris in the Aglaüs Bouvenne plate. Chanut donated his collection of drawings, portraits and bronzes to the Victor Hugo house, which exhibited them at its inauguration in 1903.

Reference: MEYER-NOIREL - Répertoire des ex-libris français, Tome IV, p. 127 and 225.

Nice provenance.


Brussels, Geneva, New York,E. Laurent,1834, 1853.70 x 112, 80 x 120 and 79 x 121 mm,72, 284 and 392 pp.

Brussels, E. Laurent, 1834. Geneva, New York, Stemvers, 1853. Geneva, New-York, 1853. 70 x 112, 80 x 120 and 79 x 121 mm, 572, 284 and 392 pp. Brown half-basane, spine ribbed and richly decorated with boxes and fleurons, gilt head, only one cover preserved (Napoleon Petit).


Victor Hugo

(born on 26 February 1802 in Besançon and died on 22 May 1885 in Paris)