L’agriculture, et maison rustique – La chasse du loup

1572160 x 215 mm

Beautiful 16th century quarto edition in contemporary vellum of this classic work on agriculture and hunting.

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Beautiful 16th century quarto edition of this classic work on agriculture and hunting, first published by the same publisher in 1564.

The well-printed work, decorated with numerous elegant and ornate initials, was completed and expanded by Jean Liébault, son-in-law of Charles Estienne, who was imprisoned at the Châtelet for debt.

From 1567, it was increased by Wolf hunting, a must for the Rustic Houseby Jean de Clamorgan and illustrated with 14 large, finely woodcut figures. Dedicated to King Charles IX, this short treatise in ten chapters is the only work published by Jean de Clamorgan.

The rustic house was a huge success and, according to Thiébault , by 1934 it had gone through more than 80 editions. Considered to be the model for all the gardening encyclopaedias of the following centuries, it was, for example, the inspiration for The New Rustic House by Louis Liger (1658-1717) and Jean-François Bastien (1745-1824), and in the following century a group of agronomists published Rustic house from the 19th century.

A charming copy in its first soft vellum binding.

Book I: Agriculture
Book II: The Gardens
Book III: Le Verger - How to make oils - Brief description of water distillation
Book IV: La Prairie - The pond, the puddle, the fish pit
Book V :  Growing grains and vegetables on arable land
Book VI : La Garenne - The wood - Wild animals park - Haironnière - Hunting - Stag hunting - Wild boar hunting - Hare hunting - Regnard and shard hunting - Connin hunting - Bird hunting - Falconry

Wolf hunting, a must for the Rustic Houseby Jean de Clamorgan

Provenances Canoscobin (?) (handwritten bookplate) - Religieuses de Sainte Claire d'Annecy (handwritten mark at the end of the table)

References Thiébaud, 344 - Souhart, 171.

Paris,Jacques du Puys,1572.In-4, Bound,160 x 215 mm,title, 10, 253 pp, 20, title, 23 pp.

Bound in contemporary limp vellum, boards overlapped, part of one binding retained.

Marginal spotting more pronounced on the first pages, clear traces of wetness in the margins of pages 16 to 32, a stain on the last two leaves.


Jean Clamorgan

Jean Clamorgan (1480-1566)

Born in 1480, in Saane, in the diocese of Coutances. Died in 1566, in St Pierre l'Eglise, Manche.

Lord of Saane, Captain then Admiral in the French Navy for almost 50 years, he retired to his lands in the Cotentin region. A great hunter, he is the author of only one book published in the Wolf hunt (1566, Paris, J. Du Puys), his treatise on navigation and shipbuilding was never printed.
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Charles Estienne

Charles Estienne (1504 (?) - 1564), French physician, printer and writer, known by the Latin name Carolus Stephanus.

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Jean Liébault

Jean Liébault (born around 1535 in Dijon - died 21 June 1596 in Paris), French physician, editor and translator of several books on medicine and agronomy.

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