Deux lettres autographes signées à Armand Lanoux

1955135 x 210 mm and 210 x 267 mm

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Two signed autograph letters addressed to the poet Armand LanouxHe submitted the manuscript to André Breton at the end of 1955 and dedicated it to him.

Paris, May 22, 1955,
Dear Armand Lanoux,
"The Delusional Photographer," that's a pretty good one. Nothing changes us better than the fashionable pseudo-poetry of 1955, which would give back points to painting in a non-figurative way! Who would you except for this last period? Me: Féminaire, by Robert Droguet, Déchirures, by Joyce Mansour and La Vie aux frontières du poème, by Jean-José Marchand. That's all I saw on the esplanade before the Photographer...
As pleasant as it may be - and it's a bit of a stretch, this suite of poems, which I am so touched that you offer me, is from a mysterious, very delicate perspective. From the point of view of success, it reminds me a little of the "Rhineland Autumn", but the tone is very different.
Thank you, dear Armand Lanoux.
Believe me with all my heart your friend
André Breton

Paris, October 24, 1956,
Dear Armand Lanoux,
I offer no resistance to the publication of this letter, of course. At most, I wish it would begin as follows: "Dear Armand Lanoux, "The Delirious Photographer": nothing changes us better..." etc. (the phrase thus deleted being hardly bearable except in private, between us).
In the museum of Chelles, at the moment, must be exposed a certain number of "plombs de Seine", very curious figurines, most of which would have been found immersed under the Pont-au-Change and about which we know almost nothing. I lent the ones that Wolfgang Paaleen, when he left for Mexico, had left me on guard. Since you have only one step to take, it seems to me that you will be interested.
Very friendly to you
André Breton

The two autograph envelopes sent to Chelles from rue Fontaine are kept.

Paris,1955-1956.135 x 210 mm and 210 x 267 mm,

Two sheets, envelopes preserved.


André Breton

(born in Tinchebray in the Orne region of France on 19 February 1896, died in Paris on 28 September 1966)