L’Usage du monde

1963150 x 193 mm

ORIGINAL EDITION with its rare trailer.

2 000 



FIRST EDITION of Nicolas Bouvier's emblematic book, illustrated with forty-eight drawings by Thierry Vernet.
The book was not printed in large print.

Rare signed autograph mailing :

"For Walter Weideli
facing the same punishment
Nicolas Bouvier"

Writer, translator, journalist and literary critic, Walter Weideli is like Nicolas Bouvier, a native of Geneva; he knew "the same penalties"when in 1964 his play A faceless banker triggered a violent polemic that led to the creation of the party Vigilance.

Complete copy of the very rare trailer printed in black on orange paper :
"Prix des écrivains Genevois 1963" offered by the city of Geneva
Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran, Baluchistan, Afghanistan."

This prize was of major importance in the publication of the book, since it enabled Nicolas Bouvier to invest the 3000 francs earned and all his savings to publish 2000 copies and on account of authors at Droz, The Use of the World.


Geneva,Droz,1963.In-8, Softcover150 x 193 mm,376 pp.

Reading folds on the back.


Nicolas Bouvier

(born on 6 March 1929 in Le Grand-Lancy and died on 17 February 1998 in Geneva)

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