Collage original signé : Le mirage

collage,1936150 x 90 mm

ORIGINAL COLLAGE SIGNED Buc, entitled "Le Mirage" and dated 1936.

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ORIGINAL SIGNED COLLAGE Buc in the lower left-hand corner, entitled "The Mirage"and dated 1936.
Laminated on a paper, titled in graphite.
On the back: title, date and stamp: "Max Bucaille, 8, rue Grandjean, 94 Créteil"

Collages from the 1930s, the first period of Bucaille's creation, are uncommon.


1936.150 x 90 mm,

laminated on 220 x 170 mm paper.


Max Bucaille

(Sainte-Croix-Hague: 30 June 1906; Créteil: 1 April 1996)

Professor of Mathematics in the Val de Marne, he created surrealist poems and collages as early as 1930 and collaborated in artistic reviews and publications from 1936-1939.
Assigned to the 3rd Section of COA on 5 September 1939, he was taken prisoner in Mordelles and interned in Czechoslovakia on 17 June 1940 in Stalag IV C until 15 May 1945 when he was liberated by the Allies.
He became a member of the Groupe Surréaliste Révolutionnaire from 1947 to 1949 with Nöel Arnaud, Jean Laude and Christian Dotremont, Joseph Istler, Asger Jorn...
While continuing to devote himself to collage, his palette is enriched, painting, sculpture. He creates a new pictorial technique: photo painting, with many experiments in darkroom.
He was one of the founders and most prominent representatives of the international group "Fantasmagie". He is presented as one of the masters of fantastic realism. He was also a member of the College of Pataphysics.

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